Presentation is Everything

Gentlemen Made Cocktail Smoker

Experience the ultimate in luxury with our Gentlemen Made Cocktail Smoker.

Presentation is Everything

Gentlemen Made Chiller Balls

Keep your drinks perfectly chilled without dilution.

Presentation is Everything

Wood Chips

Experience a variety of wood flavors with Gentlemen Made Cocktail Wood Chips. Impress guests with unique twists on classic cocktails. Oak, apple, hickory, and more flavors to choose from.

Gentlemen Made: Elevate Your Cocktail Game

Looking to elevate your cocktail game? Look no further than Gentlemen Made. Our products are designed to enhance presentation, aroma, and taste, making your cocktails truly stand out. From our cocktail smoker to our stainless steel cocktail balls, we have everything you need to impress your guests.

The Secret to Impeccable Cocktails

  • Wood Chip Selection

    Choosing the right type of wood chip is crucial for achieving the desired smoky flavor in cocktails.

  • Aromatic Precision

    A stainless steel chimney allows for cleaner, more precise aromas and flavors in smoked cocktails by avoiding chimney tastes.

  • Lightning-Fast Smoke

    With rapid smoke, cocktail smoking is as vital as wood quality for efficient service without compromising flavor.

  • Elevated Experience

    Creating visually impressive, memorable cocktails with sophisticated smoky experiences.

Gentlemen Made Wood Chips

Gentlemen Made

Cocktail Smoker Wood Chips

Transform your cocktails with the authentic flavors of the Gentlemen Made Cocktail Smoker Wood Chips. Available in 1oz and 4oz tins, you can choose from a variety of wood types including Oak, Hickory, Apple, and Cherry to infuse your drinks with a rich, smoky aroma and taste. Elevate your mixology skills and bring the taste of the great outdoors to your cocktails.

Gentlemen Made Chiller Cocktail Balls

Gentlemen Made

"Cold as Ice" Chiller Cocktail Balls

Keep your cocktails perfectly chilled without dilution with the Gentlemen Made Stainless Steel "Cold as Ice" Chiller Cocktail Balls. Available in sleek Silver and Gold, each set includes 2 balls to cool your drinks to perfection. Simply place the balls in the freezer for a few hours and add to your glass for a refreshing, undiluted drink every time.


Raving Gentlemen – Customer Quotes and Reviews

Gentlemen Made Cocktail Smoker is a must-have for any bar or home entertainment setup. It adds a touch of sophistication and creativity to any drink.

Scott Ashton - Aerox

With Gentlemen Made Cocktail Smoker, the flavor of my drink is always pure and true to the ingredients, not masked by the chimney.

Ben Blanquera