Gentlemen Made - Can you smoke a bourbon?

Can You Smoke Bourbon?

Yes, and with the right tools and accessories, you can do it yourself at home. A glass top smoker is one of the best ways to smoke your bourbon, and the Gentleman Made Cocktail Smoker is the ideal accessory to get you started. In this post, we will look at the art of smoking bourbon and why the Gentleman Made Cocktail Smoker is the ideal tool for the job.

Smoking bourbon is a great way to add a new dimension of flavor to your favorite spirit. It entails exposing the bourbon to smoke, which infuses it with the distinct flavors of the wood chips used for smoking. Depending on the wood chips used, this can range from light and fruity to bold and intense.

To smoke your bourbon, the Gentleman Made Cocktail Smoker is extremely simple to use. Load the wood chips into the chimney chamber, place the smoker on top of your glass of bourbon, and light the chips with the torch. The smoker will quickly produce a stream of smoke that will infuse your bourbon with the perfect amount of smoky flavor. The smoker's compact design makes it easy to store in your kitchen or bar, and it comes with a trivet that keeps the smoker off the bar or counter, preventing the spread of germs and keeping the area clean.

One of the best aspects of the Gentleman Made Cocktail Smoker is its versatility. It can be used in a variety of cocktails, including classic bourbon cocktails like the Old Fashioned and novel concoctions like smoked margaritas. It's also great for adding a smoky flavor to non-alcoholic beverages like smoked lemonade and iced tea.

In addition to its functionality, the Gentleman Made Cocktail Smoker is a stylish and elegant addition to any home bar. It is made of the finest materials and has a stunning and sophisticated design that will impress your guests and elevate your bartending setup. It's also extremely durable, so it'll last for years.

To summarize, smoking bourbon is a fun and unique way to experiment with new flavor profiles and up your cocktail game. With the right tools and accessories, such as the Gentleman Made Cocktail Smoker, you can easily smoke your favorite bourbons at home. So, whether you're a seasoned mixologist or a bourbon enthusiast, try smoking bourbon and see how it can enhance the flavor of your favorite spirit. 


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